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All Membership Types include 

  • No Contracts.

  • No Automatic Withdraw. 

  • No Cancellation Fees

  • Members have flexible payment options. 

  • Access to knowledgeable training staff

  • Access to the latest athletic performance and functional fitness equipment.

Premium Membership

Premium Member Benefits

Access: 24/7

Monthly Fee: $19.99

1x Enroll Fee: $51.58

1x Key Fob Fee: $5.00

Unlimited Group Classes

1 Personal Training Session

Free Injury Assessment

1 Five Day Friends and Family Pass

Primary Membership

Primary Member Benefits

Access: 7am-7pm Monday - Friday

Monthly Fee: $10

1x Enroll Fee: $51.58 

1x Key Fob Fee: $5.00

Primary and Non Members 

Fee: $5 per class

Premium Members


Competitive Athlete

Our Competitive Athlete program offers a functional training approach to build a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals. Our custom innovative program focuses on proper functional movement training, injury reduction, physical rehabilitation. We specialize in linear and lateral speed techniques, explosive power development, foot speed, agility, and conditioning. Our athletic performance program is a dynamic and energetic 90 to 120-minute workout that is closely supervised by our team of coaches with attention to safety and proper technique. Call: 423-586-6866 for more info or email:

The Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen or FMS is an advanced system used to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients and athletes.  This helps to identify any physical imbalances or weaknesses in the body. Once physical weaknesses are identified, a comprehensive corrective and functional exercise program will be designed by our staff in order for you to be able to optimize athletic performance and prevent injuries. 

Call: 423-586-6866 for more info or email:

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